Welsh Flag Cwmduad Community Centre

100 Club$ Winning Tickets.

Results for December 2021 draw :-

1st No 100 Brie Mullins.

2nd No 71 Sam Mack.

3rd No 2 Mr & Mrs Williams.

4th No 108 SamMack.

5th No 13 Liz Goodbourn.

6th No 40 Sheila Speed.

The 100 Club raised £630 in 2021 for the Community Centre .

Since its inception in 2010 the 100 Club has raised a total of £6,480 for the Community Centre.

The Committee thanks all 100 Club members for their participation last year. Everyone is invited to join the 100 Club in 2022. Tickets are available from Geoff Goodbourn. First draw in March.

Copy of 100 Club's Rules.