Welsh Flag Cwmduad Community Centre

100 Club Rules

The Committee have started a '100 Club' to bolster funds for the upkeep of the Centre. As with most '100 Clubs' it is intended that 50% of the subscription will be paid as prize money whilst the remainder will go to the Centre.

The numbers will be issued on a first come first served basis and will only be available from the Committee.

Each number will be unique to the holder for that year and must be paid for annually in advance at a cost of £10, by cash or cheque made payable to the "Cwmduad 100 Club".

There are no restrictions in the quantity of numbers purchased, but applicants must be over the age of 16 years.

All numbers purchased will be entered in each of the 10 monthly draws. Once a prize has been won then the winning number will not be eligible for further prizes in that month's draw. The highest prize will be drawn first, followed by the next highest an so on until all the prizes have been drawn.

The numbers will be drawn at the Community Centre, during the monthly Coffee Morning, when at least three members of the Club are present.

Prize money will be paid by cash or cheque.

Winners' names will be displayed on the Centre's Notice Board, the Village Notice Board and on the web-site "www.cwmduadcommunitycentre.co.uk".

There will be four prizes per month except for the Christmas Draw in which there will be five or six depending on the numbers sold.

If 100 are sold then prizes are £20,£15 & and two of £5 monthly and £25,£20,£20,£10,£10 & £10 at Christmas.