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Village road safety.

Some excellent news, from Sandra and Sion.

Sion and I would like to update you and the committee on the positive progress
the Afon Duad Inn has made regarding road safety in the village.

After ongoing conversations over the last month or so, we met this morning
with John McEvoy, Road Safety and Traffic Management for Carmarthen Council.
We are happy to report that it looks very likely that digital traffic calming signs
will be installed in Cwmduad within the next few months.
There is currently a Welsh Grant available to the council to ensure safer routes
for drivers and residents along major highways.
The good news is the calming signs do not need to go to consultation
as the Traffic Department works with the Police and Highways as a collective,
so if given the go ahead it will happen most likely before Christmas.

We should know more in the next few days but John McEvoy encouraged us to keep everyone up to date.

Please note that this will improve safety for all in the village
and will still allow parking on the road etc.
The initiative will avoid the introduction of double yellow lines,
which I am sure the committee would agree would not solve
the speeding issue and only annoy many villagers who have
no off-street parking, deliveries etc.

If you or anyone else wishes to discuss in more detail, please contact myself or Sion.

Sandra Glen